How To Farm on SOY Finance

What is Yield Farming?

Yield farming enables users to receive an income not only on the initial deposit but also on the rewards earned, by providing liquidity. This is a way to passively increase the rewards.

The mechanism of yield farming is very similar to the staking model: by locking LP tokens, investors earn SOY tokens.

You can read a detailed description of yield farming here.

Before Getting Started

To start Yield Farming, you need to have LP tokens, for that, you should provide liquidity on the pair you want to farm, for example, ETC/CLO.

To learn how to provide liquidity on SOY Finance you can refer to our previous article.

Once you have your LP tokens you can start farming!

How to Farm on SOY Finance

1. Navigate to SOY.Finance and click on "Launch SOY Finance.”

2. Select “Farms” in the left menu.

3. Select the pair of assets you farm you want to farm, for the purpose of our guide we will choose “ETC-CLO”, and click on "Details".

4. Click on “Enable”.

5. Approve by clicking on “Confirm”.

6. Click on “Stake LP”.

7. Here you should decide how many LP tokens you want to farm. Click on “Max” and then approve by clicking on “Confirm”.

Congratulations! You are now farming your LP tokens.

You can see the number of SOY tokens earned and their value in USD. To collect them, click on "Harvest".

Add or Remove LP Tokens From a Farm

You may add or remove LP tokens to a farm.

1. Click the " - " button to remove LP tokens from the farm or the " + " button to add some.

2. Enter the number of LP Tokens you want to remove or add from the farm or click "Max" to select all the LP Tokens available.

3. Click the "Confirm" button, and approve the transaction in Metamask by clicking "Confirm".

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