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Recap of the AMA with Anze and Bernard from Wall Street Games held SOY Finance Telegram group on 16th December 2021.

📣 Introduction

Tonton | SOY Finance: @WSG_Anze @WSG_Bernard how are you guys?

Bernard | Wall Street Games: Doing great! Busy as always in crypto. How are you doing? :)

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Great! Busy as always, but we really enjoy the work so it couldn't be much better :)

Gary | SOY Finance: Busy is a good thing!

Tonton | SOY Finance: Yeah, I have seen that you guys accomplished a lot of stuff in the last months, well done guys.

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Thank you! And a lot more is yet to come! :)

Tonton | SOY Finance: And I'm fine, quite busy too but as Gary said it's a good thing 💪

💬 SOY Team AMA

Tonton | SOY Finance: Let's start by introducing yourself and telling us the story of how the team built Wall Street Games?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Sure thing! I am a long-time crypto contributor active in the crypto community for more than 6 years. In between, I have been in the world of economics, advising institutions, startups, and cooperating with experts. Throughout the years I have made a lot of connections in the crypto and non-crypto space and now we have assembled a team of professionals in all the necessary fields to make a great project. Together with my team members, we have the required knowledge and experience to build the next-generation blockchain-based gaming platform. We are proud to present our project Wall Street Games.

Bernard | Wall Street Games: Gladly! My name is Bernard and I am a full-stack & solidity engineer and part of the project team at Wall Street Games. I have been a part of crypto since 2016 when I started working at a crypto mining farm and have since been working as a developer and freelancer.

Together with a few colleagues, we started working on WSG, where my part is mostly focused on blockchain development and backend systems. If you have any technical questions, you can address them to me!

Gary | SOY Finance: How old is WSG?

Bernard | Wall Street Games: The project launch was on May 24th this year :)

Tonton | SOY Finance: Great success in no time! So let's move to the next question.

Wall Street Games, why did you choose this name? Sorry, I think you get the question a lot ;)

Gary | SOY Finance: That was my reason for voting them actually. Loved the name!

Bernard | Wall Street Games: There is no secret reason behind the name. The name itself seemed appropriate for the kind of project that we’re doing and it certainly is noticeable by a larger audience. A lot of people actually really like the name and think it stands out.

Bernard | Wall Street Games: Here's proof 😅 ( in reply to Gary’s message).

Tonton | SOY Finance: Yeah, the name is perfect!

So guys, what is Wall Street Games, could you guys please introduce the project to the community?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Sure! In short, Wall Street Games is a next-generation hybrid blockchain-based online gaming platform, where players can earn cryptocurrencies by playing fun & addictive games, collecting tradable NFTs, and winning rewards!

Basically, when completed, the whole ecosystem will be a place to enjoy many different short hypercasual style games from which users will be able to earn tokens, collect NFTs for the collection album, and trade them amongst themselves. There will be lots of different events and competitions on the platform.

We want to be the biggest play-to-earn gaming platform in crypto for all users (gamers and also the wider audience).

We won’t be introducing complex systems where NFT items will decide your future in our ecosystem. We believe that there are already too many of those kinds of projects and only the really best ones will survive in this competitive space.

Cô Bé Kiêu Kỳ | SOY Finance: @WSG_Bernard @WSG_Anze So, how many games are currently available on Wall Street Games?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Currently, only one, and it is called Viper Rush, but soon more will be available as we have some already in later stages of development and a lot in the pipeline. :)

Tonton | SOY Finance: Sounds great, I think that I saw in your roadmap that you plan to expand to other blockchains as well.

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Yes, we have already expanded to Polygon and just a few days ago we partnered with Metis a Layer 2 protocol on Ethereum.

Tonton | SOY Finance: So another milestone achieved!

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Correct! :)

Gary J | SOY Finance: Is this what you mean by hybrid blockchain?

Bernard | Wall Street Games: By hybrid blockchain we mean that we have on-chain elements such as staking, activations and ranks which are then tied with an off-chain system (the mobile gaming app) in our case.

Cô Bé Kiêu Kỳ | SOY Finance: Thank you very much! And how many players are active on your platform?

Bernard | Wall Street Games: We currently have over 20,000 users in our mobile application, almost 1,500 players averaging per day 😊

Tonton | SOY Finance: And what about the work done so far, could you please do a quick review for the community?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Of course :)

The Launch went perfect! The presale was sold out and the IDO too! The release of all the tokens both IDO and private sale was instant after the IDO which made our investors really happy.

We have partnerships with Travala, BakerySwap, Metis, Wault Finance, ApeSwap, AnySwap, CoinGecko, Btok, QuickSwap, Vulkania, TenFinance, and MacaronSwap. We are planning to announce a few very interesting partnerships very soon.

We are listed on several CEX and DEX: PancakeSwap, Gate.io, MEXC, QuickSwap, ApeSwap, Hoo Exchange, BKEX, and more. We are in a discussion with a large exchange at the moment.

We have transitioned from a different business model from the one we have now as the previous one wasn’t sustainable and it is going great! The community likes the transition as well!

And the data and other details have been mentioned in the questions before :)

Cô Bé Kiêu Kỳ | SOY Finance: Can you tell us more about the benefits of holding WSG? I know you've thought of some cool mechanisms, just some major reasons for people who want to hold WSG

Bernard | Wall Street Games: There are several benefits to holding WSG! We'd recommend you to not only hold WSG but also stake those cherished tokens of yours in one of our several pools.

You have the option of a simple single-asset staking pool with an APY of 60-80% on BSC and Polygon. If you'd like to level up your gaming experience and earn more from our mobile gaming app, you can also stake WSG tokens in order to receive "ranks" that you can use to level up. For higher gains with a bit more risk, users can combine their WSG tokens with BNB/ETH and join our LP staking pools on BSC or Polygon and earn up to 280% APY! Additionally, we're looking to bring even more use-cases to our token with the upcoming marketplace, album collections and new (exciting) partnerships that will be announced very soon! There's also our regular burn events and other new mechanisms that will make the supply deflationary.

Tonton | SOY Finance: Awesome! Holders can also farm their WSG with 400% APY on SOY finance btw :)

Tonton | SOY Finance: So guys you told us about what you achieved, so now let's talk about what the team is focusing on during this period? Can you tell us more about the things you are working on?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: A good question! We have multiple fronts opened as every crypto project I believe 😄

Currently, we are working on new games, NFT marketplace, UX adjustments to the platform so that it will be easier to use, collection album, new listings, marketing of course and a secret that we cannot disclose yet :D

Tonton | SOY Finance: Yeah, CEOs always have secret plans, we also know that in the Soy community :)

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: haha ;)

Tonton | SOY Finance: I also know that you are in the process of the final IOS review, and we all know that's not an easy process, so good luck!

Bernard | Wall Street Games: Yes, it's been a long process but we're nearing the end! :)

WSG_Anze: First of all, thank you!

Yes, so the review started quite a while ago (last Monday) and at that time they also announced that they have a large number of submissions and it takes longer for the review process and this is our first time releasing on iOS so it usually takes even longer. This week we have received a positive response from them but there were still some explanations needed because of the nature of our system (crypto play to earn). It was said that it won’t take longer than 24 hours but unfortunately, we still didn’t get a response. We are expecting it very soon so that all the players that use iOS mobile devices will be able to earn too!

Tonton: Yeah and that will be really great! So now I'm going to unmute the chat and let the community members ask their questions, but before that, we're going to do a little quiz.

🦥 SOY Quiz

Question 1: What is the minimum deposit to play a game on the WSG platform?

  • Answer: 10 USD.

Question 2: How much % does the referrer get when his referral plays a game?

  • Answer: 0.5%.

Question 3: What is the current APR of the SOY-WSG Farm?

  • Answer: 405.43%.

Question 4: How to get Wall Street Games NFTs?

  • Answer: Join NFT staking pools.

👥 SOY Community AMA

Quyen Vu: Which type of wallet should I connect to your website in order to play your games?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Hey! So you can use any of these wallets (also WalletConnect has a lot of different possibilities). I would recommend using MetaMask :)

Ugur Alkoç: Will there be hidden, superior levels for the most succesful players and / or more NFT holders? Thanks

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: We are always striving to reward our most faithful and most skilled players. Around every feature we make we plan some sort of reward system to show appreciation to those who put effort in it.

Đổi Thay: How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not good? Do you have local communities like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea,.. so they can better understand your project?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Hey, we have multiple different communities:

  • Global: @WSGToken

  • Indonesia: @WSGTokenIndonesiaID

  • Turkish: @WSGTokenTurkey

  • Chinese: @WSGTokenChina

  • Spanish: @WSGTokenEnEspanol

  • Arabic: @WSGTokenArabic

  • Japanese: @WSGTokenJapan

  • Persian: @WsgTokenPersian

  • Philippines: @WSGTokenPhilippines

  • Indian: @WSGTokenIndiaIN

  • Russian: @WSGTokenRussiaRU

And of course, we will add more as we see interest :)

Jaue: Elijaboom is promoting $WSG in Twitter, So any plan to Launch WSG NFT in Binance Market Place with Elijaboom?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: We are currently working with potential partners to make NFT marketplace a reality. We are on a good path and we are confident you will be happy with the results. Follow our news channel for more information!

BIT_Boss APE'S $BANANA: Do you have an AUDIT certificate or are you working to AUDIT your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Yes, we have done two audits, CertiK and Quillhash.

And we have two more planned for the near future :)

📌 Conclusion

Tonton | SOY Finance: And that’s it for today’s AMA session!

@WSG_Anze @WSG_Bernard Thanks a lot guys for being with us and answering questions during the AMA session!

Happy holiday season guys!!! 🎅🏻🎄

Thanks to the community for this AMA this good!

You can continue the conversation with Wall Street Games by joining their community!

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Thank you for having us! It was a pleasure to be here and happy holidays from the entire WSG team! :)

Tonton | SOY Finance: Thanks again @WSG_Anze come back whenever you want 👍👍

Anze | Wall Street Games CEO: Will do! Have a good one! 💪

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