What Exactly is The Safelist?

Security vulnerabilities are undoubtedly the biggest challenge for the DeFI ecosystem, with losses of hundreds of millions of dollars just for 2021.
SOY Finance intends to offer the highest level of security to its users, and for this purpose, we have established the Safelist with the best security standards.

How to Safelist a Token on SOY Finance?

For project representatives and community members who wish to have their project token safelisted by SOY Finance, please follow the steps below:
The Callisto Security Department should have audited the token.
Burn 10 000 SOY tokens by sending them to the "Burn address". "Burn address".​
Provide the following minimum liquidity:
  • Ethereum: 50 000 USD.
  • Callisto Network: 25 000 USD.
  • Binance Smart Chain: 50 000 USD.
Send the following information to [email protected]:
  • The token’s description.
  • The token’s smart contract address.
  • The token’s logo ( SVG or PNG 256x256 ).
Tip: Mentioning your interest in SOY Finance on your social media is always appreciated.

Listing Polls

Who better than the community to decide on the projects to list on Soy Finance?
Because community matters, new safelisted projects can also be decided by the community. Voting is held regularly on Twitter.
More information can be found here.