Soy Staking Guide

Soy staking is a way to earn passive income without exposure to impermanent loss risk.

In this guide, we will show you how to stake your Soy tokens and get rewarded!

How to Stake on SOY Finance

1. Navigate to SOY.Finance and click on "Launch SOY Finance.”

2. Select “Pools” in the left menu.

3. If your wallet is not connected, click the "Connect Wallet" button or proceed with step 5.

4. Select your wallet, Metamask in the exemple.

5. Click on the “Stake” button .

6. Enter the amount of SOY you want to stake (100 tokens in our case), select the period of time you want to freeze your funds (6 rounds in the example), and then click on “Confirm”.

7. Once your staking is confirmed you will see:

  • the amount staked under ”Soy Staked“,

  • the date of the next harvest under "Next Harvest in",

  • the end Cold Staking period under "Cold Staking Ends"

Harvest & Withdraw

Once a staking round is complete, your reward will be displayed under "Soy Earned".

1. To get your reward, you have two options, "Harvest" or "Withdraw".

  • The “Harvest” function allows you to claim your reward after each round.

  • While the ” - ” button allows you to withdraw both your initial stake and your reward at the end of the defined staking period.

2. Select the option according to the status of your staking and click on "confirm".

Congratulations, your reward is now in your wallet!

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