SOY Token

SOY Supply and Distribution

Max Supply: 600 000 000 $SOY.

120 000 000 $SOY (20% of the max supply) will be created at the genesis and distributed as follows:
  • 75% to Initial Dex Offering early investors. The funds raised will be moved to the distributed insurance system.
  • 5% will be allocated to Callisto Enterprise.
  • 5% will be allocated to the Callisto team members via a dynamic motivation system for the team members to support the project development in the time.
  • 5% will be used for bug bounty programs to ensure high-security services.
  • 10% will be airdropped in 7 consecutive phases, the details of each phase being announced at the time of its launch.

SOY Token Airdrop Phases

Phase 1 - Sowing Soy - PancakeSwap Active Users Airdrop - 500 000 $SOY tokens - 15/10/21 to 30/10/21.
Phase 2 - Sowing Soy - SushiSwap Active Users Airdrop - 500 000 $SOY tokens - 01/11/21 to 15/11/21.
Phase 3 - Sowing Soy - UniSwap Active Users Airdrop - 500 000 $SOY tokens - 16/11/21 to 30/11/21.
Phase 4 - Sowing Soy - 1inch Active Users Airdrop - 500 000 $SOY tokens - 01/12/21 to 15/12/21.
Phase 5 - Storing Soy - CryptoBot Active Users Airdrop - 1 000 000 $SOY tokens - 16/12/21 to 15/01/21.
Phase 6 - Deep Freezing SOY - Details to be published on 10/01/22*.
Phase 7 - Harvesting Soy - Details to be published on 25/08/22*.
*Updated on 10/01/22.

Transaction Fees Distribution

For each trade/swap performed in the SOY Finance platform, a commission fee is applied. Initially, 100% of the collected fee will be split among the liquidity providers. Over time, it will decrease to 55% by year 5 (phase 2).
Thus, up to 20% of the trading fee will be shared among SOY token holders, 5% will be allocated to the insurance fund for its operation, and finally, 20% will be used to buy back SOY tokens and burn "The SOY tokenomic is designed to grow your capital. SOY Token is built on an innovative monetary policy, featuring the "Buyback & Burn" mechanism and allowing holders to share up to 20% of the platform's transaction fees.

Fees Distribution Phases Details

  • Phase 0 (Until 15/10/21) - The trading fee is set to 0.2% of the volume of each transaction.
  • Phase 1 - SOY Finance will use variable fees from 0.3% to 0.5% to audit the newly listed tokens and increase the platform’s liquidity ( a lower fee will be applied to larger trades).
  • Phase 2 - In this phase, the trading fee will vary between 0.3% and 0.15% for the audited tokens and the unaudited between 0.5%-0.35%.

Burning Mechanisms - “Buyback & Burn”

A set of burning mechanisms will be introduced to reward the SOY token holders and liquidity providers by decreasing inflation or leading to deflation depending on the system’s utilization, trading volume, and token price.
The burning mechanism will receive a percentage ranging from 15% to 30% of the total trading fee.
Weekly, SOY tokens will be rebought and burned.
The system’s adoption and utilization through transaction volume define the size of the commission fees that will be distributed both to liquidity providers and burned.