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SOY Bridge

Soy Bridge in a Nutshell

A blockchain bridge is a connection between two blockchain platforms. Although the chains may have different protocols, the bridge provides a secure way to transfer information and value between the chains; this is called interoperability.
Finally, blockchain bridges allow dApps for more decentralization, as their original network no longer limits them.
Callisto Bridge allows users to:
  • Move Callisto Network native coin (CLO), and tokens (CLOE, SOY, CHOAM…) to the leading blockchains.
  • Run Callisto ecosystem dApps on other blockchains platforms.
  • Trade assets from other blockchains on SOY Finance.
Interoperability between chains is key in the DeFi ecosystem. We believe that a cross-chain bridge will open new perspectives to Callisto Network as a blockchain, but also allow it to expand its user base and liquidity.

Supported Networks

  • CLO
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • BitTorrent Chain
More networks supporting smart contracts will be added in the future.

Innovative Security Model

Security is a prerequisite for the adoption of any technology, and cross-chain bridges are no exception, as was highlighted by the recent USD 600 million hacks of the Polynetwork bridge.
Callisto Network has put all its know-how to develop an innovative security model to guarantee the safety of users' funds.

More information about SOY Bridge security model