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Phase 5 - Storing Soy
Through a series of individual airdrops, SOY Finance is distributing 12 million SOY tokens. Our aim: To distribute SOY in a fair manner, and to increase the platform's decentralization. In our fifth airdrop, SOY Finance will airdrop 1 million tokens to eligible users of CryptoBot wallet.

How To Enter The SOY Token Airdrop?

Airdrop Eligibility Rules

To participate, you must be an active CryptoBot user between 16/12/21 and 15/01/22. (16 Dec 2021 and 15 Jan 2022)
An active user is someone who owns a CryptoBot wallet with:
  • At least 10 USD worth of SOY, CLO, or CLOE assets.
  • Or 25 USD worth of any other currencies.
Note: staking and cold staking balances are not applicable.
To be eligible, you must also perform the following actions:
  1. 1.
    Follow CryptoBot & SOY Finance on Twitter.
  2. 2.
    Join the CryptoBot & SOY Finance Telegram groups.
  3. 3.
    Join the CryptoBot News & SOY News Channels.
  4. 4.
    Remain in both the CryptoBot and SOY Twitter and Telegram groups at least until the distribution is complete.
Notice: To validate step 1, be sure to link your Twitter account to Cryptobot. To do so, please go to Cryptobot settings and enter your Twitter handle in the Twitter Name section.

⭐️ Airdrop Rules Update (on 06/01/22)

After the market correction of the last few days and to ensure that everyone can take part in the airdrop in a fair way, it has been decided to lower the minimum amount of holding by 20%.
Below are the updated amounts:
  • At least 8 USD worth of SOY, CLO, or CLOE assets.
  • Or 20 USD worth of any other currencies.

What Is The Airdrop Process?

Because we want to ensure the airdrop is as fair as possible, and to prevent fake accounts and bots from collecting SOY tokens, we will take a snapshot of all eligible wallets, randomly, between 05/01/22 and 15/01/22 included.
The prize pool will be distributed among the participants who have:
  • Completed all the tasks above.
  • And remained in both CryptoBot and SOY Telegram and Twitter groups at least until the distribution.
  • The snapshot spreadsheet will be available from January 20, 2022.*
*Updated on January 20, 2022:
The airdrop snapshot is available here.

When Will I Receive My Tokens

The 1 million SOY tokens in the CryptoBot Airdrop will be distributed in 10 waves of 100,000 tokens per wave.
The distributions will start 90 days after the end of the Airdrop period (15 January 2022) and will continue with one wave, every two weeks, until all 1 million tokens have been distributed.
Token distribution will be random, and each eligible user will only receive one airdrop.

How Many Tokens Will I Receive?

The prize pool for this fifth phase is 1,000,000 SOY tokens. Each eligible user will receive an equal share of the prize pool, regardless of account size.
Details for SOY’s next airdrop – its sixth airdrop – will be announced on 10/01/22 (10 Jan 2022).
For more information please refer to SOY Tokenomics.​

About SOY Finance

Backed by the most experienced crypto-security experts, SOY Finance is a DeFi platform for easy and safe trading. Newbies and casuals alike will appreciate the intuitive technologies, such as “1-Click Swap”, while traders will value the high-level security features with a dedicated token standard and a safelist for audited and insured tokens.
Users get rewarded by holding and farming their SOY tokens, and receive up to 20% of the total trading fees and newly minted SOY tokens, as described in the monetary policy.

About CryptoBot

​Compatible with the most popular cryptocurrencies, CryptoBot Wallet provides Telegram users with a full range of features, including token and coin storage, the ability to earn passive income, and the ability to send crypto simply by replying to chat messages.
Fast, convenient, and packed with numerous functionalities including airdrops, Twitter contests, crypto-lotteries, or referral programs, CryptoBot is the perfect crypto-wallet for everyday use.