Article published on Medium on 12th October 2021.

Few Words About SOY Finance

Backed by the most experienced crypto-security experts, SOY Finance is a DeFi platform for easy and safe trading. Newbies and casuals alike will appreciate the intuitive technologies such as the “1-Click Swap”, while traders will value the high-level security features with a dedicated token standard and a safelist for audited and insured tokens.

Users get rewarded by holding and farming their SOY tokens and receive up to 20% of the total trading fees and newly minted SOY tokens as described in the monetary policy.

How To Enter The SOY Tokens Airdrop?

Airdrop Eligibility Rules

The first phase of the SOY Token Airdrop is specifically for Pancakeswap users. Therefore, to take part in this phase it is necessary to be a Pancakeswap active user between 15/10/21 and 30/10/21.

As active users are considered those who perform at least one of the following actions:

  • Trade/swap on Pancakeswap.

  • Add/remove liquidity on Pancakeswap.

Note: While adding liquidity/trading on any asset is sufficient to be eligible, we recommend the ccCLO/BNB pair.

ccCLO contract address: 0xccbf1c9e8b4f2cdf3bfba1098b8f56f97d219d53

The list with the eligible users will be updated daily at 00:00 UTC.

How To Claim My SOY Tokens?

To claim your tokens, simply go to and connect your wallet.

Once connected, the system automatically checks your eligibility for the airdrop, and if you meet the requirements, your tokens will be displayed in your balance.


  • As the user activity status is updated every day at 00:00 UTC, we recommend claiming the tokens after 24 hours of your activity on Pancakeswap.

  • A user is allowed to claim once per airdrop phase.

When Will I Receive My Tokens

SOY tokens are locked for 180 days from the claiming date. At the end of the lock-in period, the tokens will be automatically sent to the wallet that was used to claim them.

How Many Tokens Will I Receive?

The Airdrop pool for the first phase is 500 000 SOY tokens.

Each day, 1/16 of the total pool (31 250 SOY tokens) is divided among the eligible participants, each participant receiving an equal share.

By airdropping 10% of the initial supply in seven phases, 12 million tokens in total, Soy token’s monetary policy aims to distribute the SOY tokens in a fair manner and increase the platform’s decentralization to the highest extent.

The details of the next Airdrop phase will be announced on 25/10/21.

For more information please refer to the SOY Tokenomics.

Document revised on 18/10/2021.

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