Soy Finance Community Listing Polls

With the community listing polls, Soy Finance empowers the community to propose and decide on the tokens that will be listed on the platform.

The listing process consists of three distinct phases.

The first two phases will take place on Soy Finance’s Reddit and engage the Soy Finance Community. The third and last phase will be held on Twitter, where the community will vote between the competing projects on a transparent process.

The voting process in detail:

  • Phase 1: The community proposes the candidate for listing in a dedicated thread on Soy Finance’s Reddit, and the SOY Finance team checks the compatibility of the proposed tokens.

  • Phase 2: A poll with a maximum of 6 compatible tokens will take place on Soy Finance’s Reddit.

  • Phase 3: The three most popular tokens will be available for voting on Twitter. The winning coin(s) will be approved for listing on SOY Finance.

Note: The start of the competition and the link to the Reddit thread will be announced on Soy Finance's Twitter.

Winning Tokens Listings

The projects that successfully pass all the above steps will be listed on SOY finance with remarkably advantageous conditions:

  • Safelisting: includes a free security audit and a 5x boosted yield farming multiplier.

Safelistings will be completed within two weeks after the end of the competition. The Security Audit will be performed by Callisto Security Department during this period.

  • Listing: include a 2x boosted yield farming multiplier.

The listings will be performed within four weeks.

Poll Rules


  • Participants may submit their proposals before the end of the deadline indicated in the competition announcement. Proposals submitted after the closing date will not be taken under consideration.

  • A participant may submit only one proposal per contest.

Token Submission

For a proposal to be considered eligible, has to include the following information:

Token Eligibility

To be eligible for the competition, a token should:

  • Be on a chain linked to the Callisto Bridge.

  • Be cross-chain bridge compatible.

Note: The Soy Finance team will review before the final poll to ensure compatibility. If, after verification, a token is found to be incompatible, the subsequent compatible token will be selected for phase 3 (Twitter poll).

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